Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Letter to Chloe Smith MP for North Norwich

Dear Miss Smith

Today we found out that 6 full time members of staff are going to be lost from the best performing secondary school in your constituency.

This is due to the changes in funding that your party have put forward and the mishandling of education policy by Michael Gove.

It seems inconceivable that you could continue to support the funding of unproven “free schools” such as the two proposed for Central Norwich, the continuation of increased funding for failing academies and the setting up of a blinkered technical university college all at the expense of the school that has had its best ever year.

If you care that the students get the best education possible then you need to ensure that cuts do not get made in real terms to school budgets as these reduce the potential number of courses that are run, stretching the brightest, as well as support for the weakest being who will be taught in larger classes.

I realise that as a junior MP you have little say on a national scale but on a local level you could make a real difference. Some of the funding that used to be given to schools directly, such as school specialism money, is now being given to a central “pot” and then redistributed. It is imperative that all schools retains all of that previous funding level and there is not an administration charge made or the money redistributed generally. Do not let successful schools be sacrificed on the altar of political ideology but fight for proper levels of funding for all schools.
Your sincerely

Guy Mortimer

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