Thursday, 3 September 2009

A tree falls on my car

1. It was new to me and I like it
2. The timing the day before going back is seriously irritating
3. It is now I find out I don't get a courtesy car
4. I might lose two years no claims
5. It might be fixable unless their is some structural damage. The glass roof panel is smashed and there are some dents to other panels, the back window is smashed and the windscreen cracked. There is a dent in the roof and in the rear panel. The whole thing will need a respray as there are a many scratches.
6. At least I wasn't in it
7. Within two hours the council had cut the tree up and taken it away, the garage had turned up and taken the car away and BT had fixed the phone line that had come done.
8. Next weekend was supposed to be a weekend away. Might have to rent a car.


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