Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Matters Various

1. The ceilidh for Jess and Niamh's civil partnership was good laugh and it was nice to see that I can still remember the most popular ones. Good to catch up with Claire Hibbert as was and Charlie. I don't make enough effort to catch up with the TST lot especially people who I went to Greenbelt with. Good times with good company.

2. I am now a god parent and I have the certificate to prove it. It was a lovely service at Rosebery Road Methodist although the service was surprising C of E which I did not remember from previous times.

3. Decorators have been and gone. House is spruced up. Need a carpet to complete the house. If I want to sell then I am not going to put up the pictures and male holes in the wall so need to make a firm decision soon.

4. Car not fixed yet

5. Loo blocked, bought loo unblocker, loo unblocked and all limescale completed cleaned away. Why is the limescale remover not the efficient.

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