Friday, 18 September 2009


For some reason whilst hating most reality TV I quite like Strictly. I frankly don't care about Big Brother (pointless people not doing anything) or I am a Celebrity get me out of here (celebrities sitting around doing nothing) but when they are people learning a skill then it is more interesting. I am glad that Arlene has gone as her criticism was becoming non-sensical and cliche ridden and am worried about a lack of real star power this time around.

Here are my predictions
Winner Joe Calzaghe (good footwork, large fan base, open to votes from men and women)
Lovable Loser Phil Tufnell (notoriously unco-ordinated but a large fan base)
Voted off to soon - Martina Hingis (good on her feet but a bit unknown/ small fan base)

How about your predictions?

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