Sunday, 6 September 2009


I had a curry and beer with friends and then went to the theatre to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang which was very good. The effects are very good and the actors and actresses where excellent especially the people playing the two small children. The singing was very clear and the songs catchy. Occasionally it felt like a couple of the large set pieces were a bit forced so that they could have a spectacular moment. The Child Catcher was suitably cheerless and the other characters slightly overacted in a good way. Overall it was an excellent start to the weekend but Sunday was a bit depressing due to the back to school blues. For some reason I am lacking a bit of enthusiasm for this year. Whether it is a predominantly lower ability timetable in key stage 3, the presence of ICT on the timetable, the new cover rules, some poor rooming or not teaching volcanoes at A Level I am not sure. Maybe a bit of all of them but all the small decisions have not gone the way that would make life run smoothly or efficiently and while they are slightly annoying now I can feel that they are going to really annoying at the end of November.

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