Sunday, 11 October 2009

Norwich CIty 4 beat Norwich Stingers 2: 7-6

A strange game. We scored with the first shot of the game. Built a comfortable lead then watched the opposition take a 6-5 lead, scored twice and then to retake the lead and then tried to lose it with one member of the team continuing to make a number of risky passes more suited to being a goal down than a slow and predictable attack that is careful, after all they can't score if they don't have the ball. The Stingers website reported the game thus:

Disaster struck in the Stingers 2 game, with Stingers 2 falling behind within about 10 seconds. It didn’t get much better when five minutes later we were 3-0 down. We battled through the first half and managed to close the gap slightly, the score 5-3 to Norwich City 4 at half time.

After the break Stingers 2 seemed to go up a gear, with some excellent attacking and defending we brought the scores level. With about 10 minutes left, everything looked good with us edging out to lead 6-5, but unfortunately Norwich City followed with 2 more goals to leave us 7-6 losers

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