Sunday, 18 October 2009

Norwich City 4 lost to Norwich City 3: 8-1 or 6-3

The reason that they are the third team and we are the fourth team is that as a team they are better than that although this game was all about the fact that they know us so well that knew the team weaknesses and were able to exploit them with out having to work them out as the game went along. The inclusion in their rank of two second team players also helped. It was just a case when they were able to be a little bit better, the shots went and we tended to rush so that everything hit the edge and went wide or rushed the pass or dropped the catch. Little things but over an hour they added up. On a side note the referee seemed to think that it was a 6-3 scoreline but I am fairly confident it was 8-1 but he is the sole arbiter of fact and whom I to argue.

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