Monday, 26 October 2009

Norwich City 4 lost to UEA 2: 6-5

Eventually the youth and vigour of playing against 18- 21 year old students told and we made too many errors against a distinctly limited team. On a personal level I managed to score 4 goals and played well in attack against a naive defence. Two of these were penalties from good inside passing from me to a running team mate who was then fouled (although I missed two as well) and the other two goals were from over commitment by the defence when they tried and failed to intercept the ball leaving me all alone with the ball next to the post on two occasions. In defence it was a bit different where my player had a good shot but I could not keep close enough to him to stop it. Maybe should have re-adjusted the way that we defended as the rest of the players were big and quick but technically limited.

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