Sunday, 11 October 2009

Strange old week

Went to the dentist for a check up who recommended a softer toothbrush and a mouth wash to help protect gums but the mouthwash makes everything taste of wax (or at least what I assume wax would taste like)

Had a message saying the car is fixed and now heading for the paint shop.

Have had most of the furniture in the kitchen between having the walls painted and the new carpet fitted. The old one appearred to have had its backing turn to sand. Apparently the floor is very uneven which might have contributed to the old one rucking up as it is hard to stick it down. It is nice to see a profesinal at work - all the correct tools and knew exactly what he was doing.

Direct Line have confirmed that they will not be pursuing the council for the cost of the tree falling so it will be on my insurance - losing two years no claims and the excess of £175. They have whimped out despite all the evidence I provided with them as well as mis-representing the case by stating the tree blew over when in fact it snapped. My bid aginst the council has been referred to their insurers so we shall see although they sent me a bizarre letter talking about personal injury -despite no-one being injured.

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