Sunday, 30 August 2009

Moving house

I am moving to the conclusion that it would be a good idea to move house.
The extra room would be useful so I can have friends over for meals that aren't buffet style. To have a proper study/office might help organise my time so I don't find myself working quite so late so often, watch less television with it acting as background noise, do more activities if I have more time. It is certainly the correct time to move with the deflation in the prices affecting larger houses to a higher proportion than smaller houses and interest very low meaning savings aren't growing at any rate. The issue then becomes what I am looking for. The first time I was looking for something I could afford that was in a decent area and I think I did well. This second time there are more decisions to make.

1. Stay in the same area - within walking distance of my friends and the city centre. However it is busy, noisy, houses are quite small and I don't want to lose any more wing mirrors if I can avoid it.

2. Move to the suburbs. A bit further out means I am still in Norwich but outside walking distance of the city centre but it is more peaceful

3. A move to a pretty village. Most of them are in the school catchment which is a minor issue but am I a village person. Is this the end of ambition (even more than living in Norfolk anyway). Could I survive with just the local shop, pub and the cricket team close by.

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