Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The Art centre

On Saturday we went to see a triple bill of bands playing. The first were a folk duo called Trevor Moss and Hannah Lou. Although we only heard the final two songs that they performed they were tight as a duo, were good on their instruments and as his voice was a slightly unusual register made a folk sound that was a little different to the usual. Watch below and see what you think. Are there really a man and a woman singing?

They have their first album out and are the reason why Simon Cowell is evil. Why are musicians this good playing venues of 300 when Jedward are famous (albeit temporarily)

The second band up were Danny and the Champions of the World who featured the first duo with another lead singer who was a bit more of a showman and really worked hard to help put on a good show as well as being excellent on the banjo and guitars. The lack of a drummer makes an interesting sound that is sweeter and purer and avoids being too loud putting a premium on vocals. There are other Champions who come and go but they a;; know what they are about. See what you think below. This clip is from a larger festival and has more Champions on the stage than we saw.

The final band were called The Duke and the King. They were good and I loved the flexibility of the band with all but the violinist swapping between guitar singing and drums so when the songs moved between soul/ gospel/ pop and folk depending who was singing and who was playing what instruments. It also appeared to be a complete love in with various members hugging each other at the end of each song foe no real obvious reason.

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