Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Attempt 4

An A3 leaflet/ pamphlet entitled Change from the Conservatives using the poor photo someone took of Chloe Smith. While this does not change my vote it does not do her any futures. The central plank of her argument seems she is going to cut waster by $11 billion. Good luck to her. Her own personal slogan appears to be "A record of Action" which considering the short period of time she has been elected is a little strong. Her achievements include holding regular surgeries (as she is legally supposed to) and joining a large number of committees including cracking down on cycling on the pavement.

She praised GCSE results but warned against reforms that add to the "burden of bureaucracy" for local teachers. Apparently the idea that we have fallen behind is because politicians have wrong ideas and devalued the exam system." This is on the day her boss announced that anyone can set up their own school, syphon funds from other schools in the area, choose who can enter and then be surprised when they don't add enough value and are sharply criticised by Ofsted.

Vote for Change: re-elect Chloe!!!!

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