Tuesday, 13 April 2010

First viewing.

Well the first house that we went to look round was very disappointing. I know it was near a main road but the noise was even louder than at my current house which is also busy and directly under the flight path for Norwich airport. Inside it was clear that the photos had been carefully staged to avoid the woeful bits such as the ensuite and even the best rooms did not seem as good as on the photos. Linked to this was the fact the front door was round the back in a strange configuration and the amount of jobs that would need attention meant it was taken off the list. It did reinforce the feeling that the Drayton/ Taverham area was one to focus on as it seems a nice area. Apparently 1 offer had already gone in £50,000 under the asking price and been rejected but it would have been close to value for money everything considered. However how you take away the road noise I don't know.

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