Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Election: May 6th

I am a floating voter. | have some tendencies but nothing is set in stone so I will chronicle the attempts by each party to woo we and it won't be easy as I have some tricky questions.

I am not sure if Norwich North counts as a marginal technically as Chloe Smith (Conservative) has a majority of over 7000 but that was in a by-election at the height of the expenses scandal after Ian Gibson had been forced to resign by the Labour party - before that there was a Labour majority of about 7000. There was also the fact that the Labour candidate got swine flu and did no campaigning in the two week in the lead up to the election.

There is also a reshuffle of which wards are in which constituency. With two Taverham wards and two Drayton wards moving - both slightly posher areas if that is a factor.

There are also less parties currently registered with the "Put an Honest Man into Parliament" - 953 votes, BNP - 941 votes, Monster Raving Looney - 144 votes, None of the Above Party - 59 votes and Libertarian - 36 votes currently up to be claimed.

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