Thursday, 15 April 2010

Leaders debate 1.

I am looking for specific details about how they plan to change things not lofty thinking or dreams to follow. My thoughts as it happens.

Alistair Stewart - harsh but fair, can I vote for him.

Starting with immigration, a controversial topic.
All of the controls introduced by Brown have been EU specific.
Cameron - limits on people outside the EU even if they are needed (fails the star footballer argument) plus a border police,
Clegg - introduce new border control and limiting people to various people is interesting and I thought that it was unworkable but Cameron asked him to explain which was nice (made the star footballer argument).

All of them are very keen on saying where they have been to and listening. Brown far more eloquent than I expected him to be.

Poor advertising for Burnley - high burglary rates.
Cameron - more police on the beat, longer prison terms, linking to drugs and providing rehab.
Clegg - more police on the beat funded by scrapping ID cards, breaking the link between youth crime and adult crime through community punishment
Brown - record police, parental responsibility and powers to make the police. police forces merging if one of them is not performing

Annoyed by people using individual cases portraying UK to be really bad to make their point.
Brown -"It's not question time it's answer time"

Expenses - is this not already sorted.
Clegg - holier than thou, showed he was ahead of the curve, wants campaign funding changed, can sack MP's, elected Lords (boo)
Brown - elected Lords and 50% smaller (boo), recall MP's but this could be abused, must get more than 50% of the vote.
Cameron - less MP's, MP no pay rise, quangos, elected Lords (boo)
It is nice to have a group who make decisions that aren't based on the need to get re-elected but what is good for the country (my opinion).

Education - interesting
Brown - better qualified teachers, longer at school until 18 either part-time or full-time, good schools take over poor schools, maintain funding (is that happening?)
Cameron - not enough money to front line (well we have been well funded), good marking (already happens), set the schools free!!, no appeals on exclusions, proper discipline (how?), no NI rise making staff more expensive.
Clegg - bans government from micro-managing schools (a bit vague), more creativity in lessons, smaller class sizes (16? - did I hear that correctly), Saturday morning (that's not in my contract)

If Conservatives or Lib Dems get in there will be a budget in July - wonder what they will do with stamp duty?

Finances - went to the loo - might this have an affect on how I vote?
Clegg - I am being straight with you, we have costed our reforms, deal with the other issues such as Trident that we can't afford.
Cameron - we can cut the waste, plus we won't introduce the Job Tax, interesting to see that he is saying each person can save a little while Brown is mentioning the whole number.
Brown - we will maintain funding but Conservatives will cut more, tax rise though NI

Military are they under equipped and under paid. Don't they choose to do a job that pays this amount.
Clegg - too much spent on generals and ineffective weapon systems such as Trident - this can be used to fund better body armour and other
Brown - we have improved funding, deaths occurring in responding to new tactics from the Taliban
Cameron - need a defence review so that we can work out what is needed. Blame Brown for not providing them.

Health care - aging and costs of new medication
Brown - reducing cancer waiting times. we have provided more doctors and nurses and brought waiting times down, maintain funding, death rate
Clegg - everyone spends £2000 on NHS (half than the USA), take out a layer of management
Cameron - we will exclude the NHS from cuts (clearly they have no waste), we are worse than Bulgaria in cancer rates (assuming that people in Bulgaria didn't die of something else first).
Brown refers to Nick Clegg as Nick and David Cameron as the Conservatives. All wearing party coloured tie. Cameron looks a bit orange,
Eldery care (have we not already covered this)
Cameron - £8000 at 65 then get free care after that, wants to get it free but budgets gets in the way
Clegg - respite for carers each week, try to keep people in their homes where possible
Brown - staying in home free, free residential care after two years in the same place,
Everyone seems to be agreeing.
Interesting to see who "won". Guardian has it down as a Liberal win Telegraph as a Tory win!!

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