Sunday, 18 April 2010

The Ghost

An excellent political thriller that really was very atmospheric. It was set in a very desolate sand dune almost moon like sand dune landscape that was supposed to be Massachusetts but was actually Germany. The plot plays features Ewan (with a shifting accent) McGregor travels to the US to write the memoirs of a former UK Prime Minister (Pierce Brosnan) who is accused of war crimes after the previous writer died. It reminded me of Hitchcock films in the tone and Roman Polanski was able to shoot the film with a very washed out and dull palette. It reminded me of Wallander (an excellent Swedish detective series). I loved the landscape, I loved the house especially the floor length window looking out over the sea and I loved the tone of the film. The point when he finds the shoes of the previous writer was a fun moment - literally dead man shoes. I only wish that they did not kill characters as it is often more fun to work out what might of happened if they had stayed alive.

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