Friday, 17 July 2009

Another year done

1. Term is now finished (thank heavens as it seemed to go on for ever and every lesson seemed to take about three hours). Hopefully now have 7 weeks of not thinking about work. Next Thurs heading off on the Third Great North American Adventure starting in Toronto and taking in , Niagara Falls, New York, Washington DC, Richmond, Kitty Hawk, Durham, Charleston, Savannah and Miami

2. Have 120 exams left to mark. Started with 710 so nearly done. A productive weekend could get that done

3. Have almost bought a new car. The green Hyundai has reached the end of the road and is destined for Wymondham car auction courtesy of the dealer. This is what the next one will look like

4. Have been to see the new Harry Potter film. Very good film on its own but not a great adaptation of the book. The first two films were okay and helped set the scene but they did manage to pick out three excellent actors to be the leads although Daniel Radcliffe is a bit short compared to the other two especially Emma Watson. Check it out here

5. Well Done to England saving the first test. We can't lose 5-0 anymore.

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