Sunday, 26 July 2009

The best laid plans

Today I had a number of activities lined up for the day, starting with a boat trip and ending up with a trip to see some improv comedy with the 2nd City Theatre troupe. However, just after the boat trip the heavens opened between 12 and 5pm. Heavy thunderstorm rain, raining stair rods and cats and dogs. So heavy that Noah was spotted with hammer and nails buying wood and a pair of giraffes were seen roaming the streets complete with suitcases. So instead of getting to see some of the historic areas of Toronto I was in a number of coffee shops and other indoor attractions reading. At the appropriate time I headed to the theatre only to find that it had flooded. So most of today was a washout. Going to try and see some of thr sites tomorrow before moving onto Niagara Falls.

Picture of the DAY: Toronto skyline with the flag from the boat.

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