Friday, 31 July 2009


I really hate New York because it is so busy and getting or doing something is so difficult if it trying to buy a subway ticket to just walking down the street. I got up early to go to see the Statue of Liberty up close and
queue for the ticket
queue for the boat
queue to get through security
queue to get the audio guide
queue to get to Ellis Island
queue for the loo
queue to get a new audio guide
queue to get back to the mainland

What was worse is that it was making me angry and starting to act in the same way as many New York residents - rudely and with no thought for those around me.

heaven help those people arrived mid morning as it only got busier.

I really like New York as there is so much to do - from world class museums to free plays in the park. If only there all co-ordinated so didn't all try to be on at the same time. There are some beautiful areas and places were you can get away from it all. After all the queuing I walked the length of Central Park and found busy areas and quiet areas and generally no sounds of traffic.

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