Monday, 27 July 2009


is defined as excessive pride or self confidence

So having carried my field studies coat around so far I thought I would wear it as you go close to the falls and it did its job admirably keeping my top half, rucksack and camera perfectly dry. It was on the other hand a little shorter than the ponchos they provide so had very wet legs. This did not compare with the gentleman who's poncho was ripped by the wind on the approach as he looked like he had a shower with his clothes on (which he did). The hubris comes from wearing jeans. Every field trip we tell the kids that when jeans get wet they stay wet and other trousers are preferable. Did I listen to my own advice? No. In fairness I couldn't wear my shorts as they are being cleaned after I sat in a puddle and was left with a very suspicious brown mark on their seat but I had other options!! Contact lenses also would have been a good idea.

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