Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Education and by-elections

Labour have decided a five year teaching licence is a good idea.
Anything that takes planning time is a waste of time in school and lets face it who needs more paper work. If you are rubbish should take 5 years to get rid of you. Current incompetence procedures take a lot less than that.

Conservatives have decided to get rid of Quangos (Quasi autonomous non-government agency) and one of the ones in the firing line is the Qualification and Curriculum Authority (QCA). QCA meet with relevant agencies, teachers and government before deciding what should be taught in GCSE, making sure they are equally easy/ hard and ensuring that the writing and marking process are fair. This according to the government is a waste of money and needs to be democratised. Why we need to vote for people this to fill this role is beyond me. Should this be decided by a minister or by someone who works in the field of education. It took 6 years to introduce the new GCSE's as it was a major change (bye bye coursework) longer than a government is elected for.

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