Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Tomorrow is the big day

1. Voting

I recently became aware that the two main candidates are both less than 30 and this made me wonder and question if there was a inbuilt prejudice to my MP being younger than me. I have kind of accepted never playing professional sport for England but how about an MP. If I would not consider that I have enough life experience to be an MP and vote on the impacts of economic policy on the future how about someone younger. The more I thought the more questions I ask

  • Are the major parties being disrespectful by selecting young candidates?
  • Are younger candidates likely to be more or less likely to by led easily by party bigwigs than other first time MP's? (are they just yes men/women)
  • Is there experience of education/ health etc. going to impact positively or negatively on their work as an MP?

Other things to note about the campaign

  • all the parties are on a major leaflet blitz - sometimes two or three a day. The DVD presentation however was a waste of time as very few were watched.
  • using a loudspeaker on a car to raise awareness is not welcome as it scares next doors dog
  • the absence of door to door campaigners of anyone other than low level minions is disappointing
  • if I am in a car park and you are a candidate come over and try to win my vote (I actually didn't notice and A told me)

The choice is between Labour and Lib Dem because Chloe Smith (Conservative) has spent a lot of time on how she will re-invent Parliament expenses which vastly overstates the kind of power she will have and secondly as the vote was last night shows woeful knowledge of the political timetable.

Oh and I am coming away.

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