Thursday, 23 July 2009

Welcome from Holland

One thing people overlook when I do these adventures is that it can often involved waiting and as I choose to fly via Amsterdam (cheaper and "less get to the airport" hassle) I have an hour before the second check in so I am taking advantage of the free wi-fi. Weather in Amsterdam is not promising and the flight over was pretty empty so I a row of seats to myself. Also 1 of my ex students was operating the check in desk which is good top see she has gainful employment as she was not that well behaved.

Most hair raising incident - opened overhead locker to find that my hand luggae and all improtant document etc had vanished. As there were so few other people it had slid right to the front of the plane but did give me a bit of a scare

Best moment so far - Red Arrows coming into land at the airport will I looked out of the window, taxied, refueled and then took off again. Some reason they were iffy with cameras in departure lounge.

Best fact. People who wore old fashioned and out of date square ended shoes were often called squares. Pointed shoes were more expensive and a sign of social standing. Know that I know this it makes me a square and know you know it you are a square as well.
Next stop Toronto. Toodle pip.

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