Sunday, 26 July 2009

Not quite perfect way to travel.

The single most dangerous job in North America must be Greyhound bus driver due to their absolute incompetence and inability to devise a system to allow easy transport.

  • On the ticket it says arrive 60 mins before the bus arrives. If you arrive that early you are told to go away as you are to early and getting in the way.

  • The customer service representative inside the buildings knows what the plan should look

  • like but this in no way represents what is actually occurring outside.

  • It is possible for a driver to not know where the bus he is driving is going. When I say is this bus going to Niagara Falls the correct answer was yes.

  • A queue of people going to separate places can form on the same platform and all of them be wrong despite what they have been told.

  • The number of seats on the bus decides who gets on not whether you have bought a ticket. If the bus is full when you get to the second stop if no-one gets off you have to wait for the next one and hope

  • Half the people in the waiting room think they are on the next bus but they are not in the queue and have no chance.

  • Most queues cross the areas where buses drive meaning that getting run over whilst waiting for the bus is highly probably but what ever inconvenience there might be don't leave the queue.

Its a wonder more passenger don't go postal at them.

Picture of the day - more rain. Now in Niagara.

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