Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Let the train take the strian

A mountaineer when asked why he had climbed Mount Everest replied "Because it is there" and when I think about the long journey I took it is because it is too easy to fly over areas and not see what they are like. From the rundown industrial areas that seem to surround railway tracks worldwide to arching bridges over stretches of water the trip is as interesting as the destination. In many a metaphor for life - its all about the journey. It was a shame that we travelled down the picturesque Hudson Valley IN THE DARK. Thank you to the people on the line for delaying us.

If President Obama would like to spend his stimulus money on improving the quality of the rails then the train might be allowed to go close to its top speed. We got a lot faster as we got closer to New York. Early on cars kept overtaking us.
Now in Saint James Hotel in New York

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