Saturday, 15 August 2009

Baggage saga deepens

Well it appears that TSA (Transportation Security Administration) had not looked in enough bags to meet their quotas and decide to rummage around in my dirty washing and confiscate my shaving foam! However it took more than 2 hours to do this and thus the bag was not loaded on the plane. They did not bother to inform the airline or me that they had been so tardy and thus both myself and the airline did not know what happened. The bag was then loaded on to the next flight out of Savannah (Dallas), then the next flight in the vague direction of Miami (The Bahamas) and then eventually to Miami where it then took 5.5 hours to get from the plane - 5 miles to the hotel arriving with me at 1.30am.

Today I am going to the Everglades and on an airboat in a "Gentle Ben" style - however it is currently lashing it down - again.

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