Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Key West

A decidedly ordinary little town (once the wealthiest per capita in the whole of the US) that has some nice houses in it courtesy of the wreckers and spongers and Ernest hemmingway once lived here before leaving - probably the most sensible thing he did. I had expected a lovely drive down through the keys and while some of the views are spectaclar far too often the humdrum mix of cheap hotels, cheaper restuarants and untidy touristy shops invade what could be an even more attractive area. The Seven Mile Bridge is a wonder to behold but I think the history behind the now defunct railway that was originally built to get to the area is more interested but sadly ignored by the area. Generally I try to avoid too much sight-seeing in 100 degree heat so being on a trip where we had from 12-4 maybe have put me in a bad mood and predujiced me against the whole experience. Certainly the Southern most point in Continental USA is a con as there is a piece of land about 10 metres away which is further South but in a US military base and thus unsuitablas a tourist attraction.

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