Thursday, 6 August 2009

Picture of the Day: Wednesday

Does not exist.

Welcome to the South. Richmond. Capital of the Confederacy. Home to Jefferson Davis. Home to the manufacturing might to keep the South going against the might of the North with cities like New York and Boston. Whose capture helped decide the US Civil War. In historic location like this where better than to stay than a historic location. A hotel dating from the 1800's. Well click here to read more.

While the location of the hotel may at one time have been near the centre of activities it is now located in a slightly run down area of downtown where taking pictures might not be the wisest act. Best to look confident in what you are doing and going and do it. In New York at 1am it was so busy with so many other people you felt safe at least on the main streets but here the businesses were not tourist orientated (nail shops, cheque cashing, pawn shops, lots of empty buildings) and had shut leaving the area feeling empty and more sinister, although this impression is probably my imagination than reality but best not to take risks.

Looking forward to some Civil War based tourism activities tomorrow.

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