Sunday, 16 August 2009

I feel a sense of dislocation with Miami that I have not felt with other places on the trip so far. In the guide book it describes this area as ME-ami and I would whole-heartedly agree with the statement. The are is populated by the "beautiful people" and while this is not meant wholly in terms of looks it is the aspiration that the people seem to have from matching your rat (well small dogs) clothing to your handbag and shoes or ensuring that you wear as little as possible at all time it is all pervasive and especially yesterday in t-shirt and shorts (no luggage) it seemed I have committed the cardinal sin of not trying. There is also a seedier side to this as well. Ocean Drive has the classier bars and restaurants that use flesh to entice you in. Having a glamorous hostess should not be the major criteria for choosing a restaurant and I had to laugh at the bloke who was so busy looking at the arse of a hostess that he fell over the steps. However, on Washington Street flesh is also used but it seems to be a lot seedier with strip joints etc. I guess as someone who does try and drawn patterns in my stubble/beard means I feel (real or imagined) that I don't really fit in here. Maybe being the only person on the beach in the rain might also explain it.

Why did everyone else get out the pool when it started raining?

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