Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Miami and Cuba

Any Cuban that can set foot on US soil can claim citizenship, get money and a work permit. The same cannot be said of the other Hispanic groups such as Haitians and other South American based peoples. This means that there is resentment of the Cuban population who also tend to be better educated and being descended from an educated elite that left Cuba when Castro came to power tends to put them in position to take control. Most of the major political offices are now Cuban or descended from Cubans. This has also led to many middle class white and black people to leave meaning that Miami is one of the poorest cities in the US with a large gang culture. The other area that amuses me is the in the same way that everyone in Boston can traces their roots to an Irish background (never English - we are not the baddies in films for no reason) so everything tries to link to Cuba. So the Hawaiian shirt seller is Havana Shirts, cigars (mass produced in the US) try to claim Cuban heritage despite it being illegal due to trade embargoes and restaurants include the work Cuba in the title despite serving a typical US menu. This exaggerated link my serve to increase profits for the Cubans but may also polarise and isolate other sectors of the community further.

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