Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Monday picture of the Day

Was a tough choice. Travelled down from Baltimore to Washington. The Mount Vernon area of Baltimore has been gentrified very nicely and looked very good. Train to Washington DC and then had to sit till about 3 before the new room was ready. Then strolled up to Dupont Circle which is supposed to be an area for young professional. There was a nice park with a fountain in the middle of the large roundabout. After having sat and read for a bit a protest started to form and I have to say possibly the worst organised and located protest I have seen. If you have a microphone don't stand next to the fountain surrounded by traffic as no-one can hear a word you say. It also was unclear what was being protested for a while added to a large amount of milling around.

A first I thought it was equal rights for LGB, then Palestine-Israel questions and turns out they want stronger penalties for people who commit hate crimes after a shooting occurred in a centre for Jewish gay men. As I think that murder is murder and the it doesn't matter who the victim so I took this photo of the milling that was occurring.

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