Thursday, 13 August 2009

Pictures of the Day: Wednesday

Will consist of two pictures.

The peninsula of Charleston between the Cooper and Ashley Rivers is generally very pretty and has a number of spectacular buildings but this is amplified in the historic section where

-due to a lack of cash after the Civil War (to build new buildings)

-the foresight of some visionaries to save the areas

-and the local government who refuse to change city ordinances to allow substandard or tall buildings have allowed a very attractive gentrified area to arise with some original buildings now costing some where upwards of $1 million for a basic family house.

The feature that makes them really stand out is the privacy door. To help make the houses cooler they have a veranda down one side as this allows the breeze to pass through the house more easily but to protect the privacy of the owners of the house it has a door on the front despite the fact that behind it you are still outdoors. Here is a good example.

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