Monday, 10 August 2009

Picture of the Day: Sunday

In the same way that UK beach going is either non-existent or an old couple sitting on the beach despite the gale lashing them, it is interesting and instructive to see the American family go on holiday. It starts with the transport, 2 in every 3 vehicles is either a large 4x4 or pick up truck and in the same way that work expands to fill time, luggage expands to fill the size of the vehicle that is transporting it.

It starts with the cooler containing ice cold soda or beer, sun shelters with an umbrella as a minimum and a 4 post sun shade at maximum, there is then seating for the family, games for the kids to play (bolo seems to be in vogue currently), books, musical equipment, fishing rods, body boards and everything that you could possibly want. In fact the only thing that they did not have was that game with wooden bats they play on the Med coast (not cricket). I got some odd looks (well more odd than normal) with just my towel, a book and a bottle of water. The picture was taken at 8am and some keen if under equipped people have just arrived. It is also good to see some parent ensuring their kids were protected from the sun but like a lot of UK parents there were some angry looking skin around, lets hope it does not lead to anything.

Driving again tomorrow. Lets hope Penny is as good second time round.

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