Sunday, 23 August 2009


What a glorious farce where no-one looks good

President Gaddaffi looks silly for thanking for amongst others the Queen. I might have believed Gordon Brown but by lumping in the Queen we know that they actually had no business in it

The Scottish government look weak on terrorism although very compassionate

The head of the FBI looks silly as it turns out it might be his organisation or the CIA with-held evidence showing Iran to be responsible that made the Scottish government fear an appeal.

Obama looks silly as he criticised a decision that was made in consultation with his State department

UK politicians look silly for criticising the application of the law of their own country

Gaddaffi's son looked silly welcoming him home as a hero as Libya relies on petrochemical dollars more than is good for them.

So no-one looks good and it will get worse if the cancer is not as serious as diagnosed. On the other hand if he is innocent...

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