Sunday, 2 August 2009

Things I might never understand about the US

Things that strike me as odd when traveling in the US

  • Turning on red traffic lights - 1 day someone won't stop

  • Jogging (good for you) next to 4 lanes of traffic (not good for you)

  • Starbucks is my office - businessmen with laptops and mobiles holding their meetings in coffee shops.

  • The number of people who live in apartments (think Friends style)

  • Bringing main course before I have finished the starter or cheque before I finish the meal

  • Relaxing in a chair at the front of your house next to four lanes of traffic.

  • Plug sockets in the base of lamps - if i want to charge something I have to have the light on which is tough during the night

  • Adverts for serious medical conditions including Viagra on TV. Have you got erectile dysfunction?
  • Beer. Beautifully produced (not Bud or that stuff) and then chilled to reduce all flavour. What they do to Newcastle Broen Ale is enough to make Geordies weep.

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