Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Holiday Awards

Most unusual food eaten - Alligator - has potential but this chef needed cooking lessons.

Most unusual food seen - Key Lime Pie on a stick - take a slice of Key Lime Pie - freeze it, dip it into chocolate - serve in the style of an ice lolly.

Award for hope over experience - Southern US - just when you seem on the brink of being a success along comes Hurricane.... and it is back to square 1.

Best advert - Mussels, great legs and exquisite tails and just wait till you see the waitresses

Worst advert - Wendy's - we save you money but bragging about doing away with restaurant atmosphere, plates, cutlery etc.

Best Radio Station - Bob in Eastern North Carolina

Most boring city - Toronto (soul -less at best)

Worst seats - Rogers Centre Toronto - knee high bolt sticking out from the chair in front- still have the marks a month later

Best hotel - Duke Tower in Durham - lovely room and a nice courtyard layout with pool and giant chess set

Best Tour Guide - Faith in Charleston - knowledgeable and interesting as well as aware of the needs of the people listening such as shade - edged out the tour guide for the capitol of Virginia who was also very good but told us about Nancy Astor being elected to the House of Lords!!

Worst tour guide - Ramon in Miami - interesting but no point telling us all the things that are going to then be repeated by the guide at the attraction.

Best Attraction Improv Comedy show in New York

Worst Attraction - Gator World in the Everglades - tacky and expensive

Must pack item - insect repellent

Most abused item - Rover the case - lost and then broken - maybe terminally so

Least well organised people - Delta (check in was a series of every changing queues with people in the same queue for different things and no-one knowing what they where actually queueing) or Amtrak

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