Saturday, 8 August 2009

Kill Devil Hills

The Outer Banks are a 14 mile stretch of sand dunes (beautiful psammosere) that is populated by a series of houses and hotels. It is nice that there is no buildings more than about 4 storeys so it does not feel built up. The lack of a large airport also means that the majority of people arrive by car from nearby cities giving it an unusual feeling. It seems to be the place that Americans go on holiday rather than an international destination.

The buildings here are also fantastical, most have no ground floor (pillars and garages mainly), a testament to the storms and hurricanes that come through this area at times, They also have sundecks or balconies, are made of wood and are very large. I am about 8 miles along the beach meaning that I am about 7 miles from the major centres so it is going to be me the pool, the beach and relaxation for the weekend.

The drive down was ok, the sat nav (Penny) was very useful but entering a highway on the right lane and having to get across 4 lanes of traffic to an exit on the left lane in about a quarter mile was a tad optimistic but she got me back on track. I have rented a Toyota Camry which handles okay and don't think I annoyed too many other people. Am aiming not to drive again till I return to the city on Monday as I don't like it. I found it difficult to go so slowly (55mph) on the open stretches and make decisions quickly and accurately at junctions.

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