Thursday, 6 August 2009

The worst day so far

and it started so well. The capitol (home to the Virginia two government chambers and the home of the Confederate Government) has had a number of historic events occur within it and there are very knowledge guides. The Civil War Museum located in the Tredegar Iron Foundry that produced the vast number of cannons and guns for the South It was very interesting and in particular the way that the Civil War affected the USA since the 1860's. It was after this it got a bit depressing.

1. The heavy rain (yes again) was not good

2. The "picturesque" Canal Walk went passed an electricity substation, an empty warehouse and a freeway before just stopping.The map showed it continued but in reality it did not.

3. The entertainment/touristy part of the city was generally closed. Apparently Richmond is a weekend tourist town.

4. Tomorrow I am driving and as this is the biggest chance of me hurting myself, someone else or incurring the wrath of the law. I will be fine when I get on the highway but have concerns about getting out of town.

On the brightside it is the end of pounding the pavement and off to the seaside for the weekend.

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