Sunday, 16 August 2009

Just about the perfect day at the beach

7am - to the beach (massive waves) thank you tropical storm Ana
10am - back to the hotel spot of breakfast and a coffee
11am - reading in the shade of a palm tree watching the world and the ocean
12pm - spot of lunch
1pm - chill in and around the pool in the shade with a book and a puzzle (obviously not in the pool with the book)
4pm - back to the beach - even bigger waves, just the best swimming conditions this side of being safe. Red flag conditions with the threat of stingray!
7pm - off for some dinner and a couple of beers

Question - why when the city of Miami advocate avoiding the beach in the heat of the day do the lifeguards only work 10 till 5?

Off to Key West on a day trip tomorrow. Then on Tuesday just time for a trip to the beach Tues morning before the long trip home.

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