Friday, 14 August 2009

Thursday Pictures of the day

The key to the loveliness of Savannah is the layout, originally 24 now 21 squares surrounded and inter linked with this they are sculpted and have lovely trees mainly oak covered in moss and ferns making them all seem a lot older. The let down is that the preservation started too late so there are a mish mash of old, modern and post modern not all attractive or in keeping. While Charleston has a tight historic district Savannah has a wide historic swathe able to surprise and disappoint in equal measure.
A lot of the houses needed expanded but are clapboard/ clapperboard and with limited foundations were too unstable to add an extra storey on top so jacked up the building and added it in underneath. The two pictures show a house with extra understorey next to a used car sales highlighting the mish mash and a tree covered in the moss.

Early flight to Miami tomorrow for the last but one of the most exciting stop with trips into the Everglades and the Florida Keys.

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