Saturday, 8 August 2009

US Health Care

Obama has devised a plan to change the US healthcare and is trying to get it through both parts of the Congress. Currently the US spends a greater proportion of its GDP on healthcare (19%) and is only 50th in life expectancy. It also requires most people have health insurance either personally or through work so it is expensive and a yet a high proportion of people aren't covered. On top of this it encourages doctors to wait till people to become more ill so they can charge more and also people to wait until they are really sick. Even if you are insured there is still an excess to pay.

The system is clearly in need of improvement but the Republicans appear not to seek the best solution but to maintain the status quo. Some of the strategies have included shouting and screaming at "town hall" meetings where legislators meet their voters, slogans comparing Obama to Hitler and an increase in healthcare to Nazism and spreading of disinformation such as forced euthanasia by the state is part of the plan. It comes as a surprise that a political part in a developed country could act in such a way as to try to subvert the process as opposed to trying to win the argument or express their ideology.

I only hope that comparing Democrats do not suffer violence from comparing them to Nazis.
PS Socialism works well in other places. The US should try it some time.

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