Sunday, 2 August 2009

Saturday Picture of the Day

This is a quote by Jackie Robinson or Jackie who as most of you are saying. He was the first black player to play baseball at the top level. He was not the best at that time (although he was good) but he was one of the most tolerant because even after the ban was dropped his live was not sweetness and life but he took the abuse and did not react. It made me think about who might have been the first black player to play football or rugby. I know that Paul Ince was the first black player to captain England football team.

This is the question. Is not knowing better or worse. It is great that Jackie Robinson is remember but wouldn't it be better if society was at a place where these things weren't really noticed or taking into account. After all if black players weren't banned and playing in a segregated league in the first place then there would be no need for a Jackie Robinson figure.

Maybe it is just that there is a much larger ethnic population in the US (79% white) than in the UK (93% white).

The quote says
"A life is not important except in it's impact on others lives" and there is a sense of irony that this is located in new York (Citifiled Rotunda) where people pay very little attention to those around them, the only city where people standing taking photos in the centre of 4 lanes of traffic get angry with the cars.

It took a while but I worked out how it happens
1. You wait for people to finishing walking past except it never happens
2. You then push in front as you have lost patience
3. You then realise that by being selfish things get done quicker
4. When you see a rule/ law you then ignore it as you are selfish
5. Eventually you stop caring about the people around you

9 mobiles ringing in a three hour show proves me right.

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